Tires were the No. 2 cause of OOS violations during 2020 CVSA blitz.
Do you know how to be prepared?
Proper pressure not only helps avoid potential violations it also;
– Increases tire life…
– Reduces fuel consumption…
– Improves retread-ability…

Thumping a tire with a mallet or club is and always has been useless.

Inflation levels should be checked using only an approved pressure gauge. Using a thumper — a tire bat — is a longstanding ritual that really identifies only tires that are dead flat. A tire that’s 20% to 30% underinflated is very tough to identify with a thumper.
A $10 stick gauge is worth its weight in gold if used properly and consistently.

Driving on underinflated tires = higher internal running temperatures = blowouts.
Underinflation = unnecessary stress, wear and tear on the tires.

This excess wear and tear has been documented and it can shorten the life of the tires.

The American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) estimates that just
20% underinflation can shorten tire life by 30%.